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February’s Funky and Offbeat Holidays

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What does a hedgehog, extraterrestrial and a hoodie-hoo all have in common? They are all unique holidays in the month of February! Take a look below to find out how these goofy celebrations are making this February more exciting:

Feb. 2: Hedgehog Day

On Feb. 2, hedgehog lovers around the world come together to celebrate this small animal that brings them so much joy.

The idea of Hedgehog Day was originally created by the ancient Romans. As the story goes, the hedgehog rises from hibernation on Feb. 2. Just like Groundhog Day, if the hedgehog sees its shadow, six more weeks of winter will follow.

Celebrate Hedgehog Day by turning your hedgehog into a social media superstar. Take pictures and videos of your hedgehog and watch them catapult to internet fame.

Feb. 14: Extraterrestrial Culture Day

Many of us have seen Steven Spielberg’s classic alien movie “E.T.” But did you know there is an actual day to celebrate aliens like E.T.?

Extraterrestrial Culture Day, which lands on the second Tuesday in February, was created by Daniel Foley, a politician from New Mexico, to “celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors.” Foley came up with the idea for this holiday based on a supposed alien encounter that occurred in New Mexico on July 8, 1947.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, observe this holiday by brushing up on your extraterrestrial movie knowledge. Did you know that our Martian friends have been in cinema as early as 1902? Check out movies like “Alien,” “Independence Day” and “Star Wars.”

Feb. 20: Hoodie-Hoo Day

One of the most offbeat holidays on this list is Hoodie-Hoo Day. Hoodie-Hoo Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy in 1992. Once a year on Feb. 20, residents of North America gather outside at noon to yell “Hoodie-Hoo!”

On this day, round up a group of your friends or co-workers to shake off the chill of winter. Consider organizing a Hoodie-Hoo group at your workplace. Set a location, such as in front of your office, for everyone to meet and join in the celebrations. Then, reward everyone for coming by supplying doughnuts or other sweets.

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