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Wind/Hail Insurance

If you live in South Carolina, you know the threat of a hurricane happens almost every year. Everyone remembers “Hugo,” with its 160 mile per hour wind gusts and deadly storm surge. It was the costliest storm in South Carolina history with losses over 6 billion dollars, 35 related fatalities, and storm surge over 20 feet.

Our wind insurance is designed to provide protection against wind-generated damages such as hail, tropical gusts, and hurricanes. Most property insurance does not provide adequate coverage for these kinds of phenomena. Only hurricane insurance from Schirmer Insurance Group, LLC can truly protect South Carolina residents from costly storms.

That is why Schirmer Insurance Group, LLC is proud to offer this exclusive niche coverage to qualified applicants. To learn if you qualify for wind and hurricane insurance – and to what extent you qualify – feel free to speak to any of our dedicated agents today.

Contact Schirmer Insurance Group, LLC now for more information about protecting your property with wind and hurricane insurance.

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