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4 Channels for Employee Communications

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In order to communicate with your employees effectively, you must understand all of the different communication channels available to you. In today’s world, employees are being constantly bombarded with information and companies vying for their attention. Making sure your communication strategy is best tailored to meet the needs of your employees can help cut through … More

5 Tips for Hosting a Productive Meeting

Category: Our Blog

In business, group communication is key. One of the most common channels for group communication is a business meeting. Business meetings provide a forum for discussion, exchange of ideas, dissemination of key information, and encourage a sense of teamwork and unity. However, not all meetings are productive. In fact, some turn out to be a … More

Tips for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Category: Our Blog

When most people think of slips, they probably think of ice patches or very wet floors—things that aren’t encountered every day. However, the truth is that no matter where you are, even slightly slippery or unstable ground can lead to a harmful slip, trip or fall. Slips, trips and falls can cause serious injuries, such … More

Studying Techniques That Actually Work

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Studying is an important habit for every student to learn. It can both improve academic performance and give students the learning tools they need to succeed later in life. However, as with most things, not all studying techniques are helpful. Here are three techniques that have been proven to actually improve learning, retention and academic … More

Preventing SIDS: The Do’s and Don’ts

Category: Our Blog

While being a new parent can be an exciting experience, it can also be quite terrifying—especially when you think about all the potential hazards threatening your newborn. Like a gang of horned and fanged monsters hiding underneath the bed, these hazards lie expectant and poised—waiting for the moment that you let your defenses down. Sometimes, … More

Does My Business Need Credit Insurance?

Category: Our Blog

Credit insurance is a type of coverage that is ideal for businesses that sell products or services. Any company automatically takes on a great risk when it accepts various forms of electronic payments rather than cash or checks upfront. For example, some customers might not be able to pay fully for the services that they’ve … More

Moving Insurance Options

Category: Our Blog

If you are prepping for a big move, you may want to consider moving insurance. There are several kinds of moving insurance, each of which offers its own coverage levels. Read on to understand what you will get out of each policy. Moving companies must offer at least two kinds of valuation or liability coverages. … More

Motorcycle Insurance Basics

Category: Our Blog

Cruising on a motorcycle comes with a higher risk than driving a vehicle. Motorcycle insurance is designed to cover various expenses that may accumulate after an accident or other unfortunate incident on the road. Liability insurance is one of the most important coverages that is available for motorcycles. This type of policy covers bodily injury … More

Fun Olympics Facts

Category: Our Blog

The Olympics are a celebration of competition between countries and athletes, and while the fierce battle of the games may seem intense, there is joy and fun to be had. To celebrate the beginning of the Olympics, here are some fun facts about the event. The ancient Olympic Games were celebrated as a religious festival. … More

Ensuring Your Pool Party Is Safe

Category: Our Blog

The summer heat causes many people to retreat to pools, and may make you want to invite all your friends and families over for a party. When you do this, the risk increases exponentially, since a lot of people may not understand pool safety rules. When hosting a pool party it is important to remember … More

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